Information -
WRAITH is codename for Worldwide Resistance Against International Harmony

Intel -
In the late 1990 , Olivia Omega was transfered from One Hit Solutions to the British Secret Service. Her first job was to train a collection of soldiers to infiltrate and destroy terrorist cells. Their design was such that they did not have a clear leader, the unit was trained to work under the control of a 'commander', but if that commander was killed, another soldier would rise up and take his place. In this evolving fashion the unit would never be without a commander/leader and the unit would never falter or stop in their mission.

Their Mission - WRAITH was designed to be a Trojan Horse. They would act as a para-military organisation and hire them selves out to 'Terrorist' armies and cells worldwide. Once inside the terrorist organisations they would destroy the organisation from the inside out. They would take over the organisation and kill off all the original leaders.

The Mission failure -
In 2009 , Olivia Omega lost control of WRAITH. Once WRAITH had gained control of several of the biggest terrorist groups in the world the 'need to survive' took over. Instead of WRAITH simply killing off all the generals in the terrorist organisations and then disbanding themselves ... they decided to keep their unit alive..! WRAITH turned themselves into the biggest worldwide terrorist group ever. They become the very thing they were designed to destroy.

Agent Black Fox and WRAITH -
In 2012 , Agent Black Fox killed a W.R.A.I.T.H. information mule by mistake. She then went into a WRAITH outpost to further her intelligence on this newly discovered terrorist group. Unknown to Agent Black Fox...suddenly WRAITH were now aware of her and had issued a 'death warrant' for her head. Since 2012 , Agent Black Fox has been involved with several incidents regarding WRAITH missions. Olivia Omega has now sequestered Agent Black Fox to the British Secret Service in order to help her to control the WRAITH group.

WRAITH and Penny -
in 2012, Agent Black Fox's contact in the British Secret Service went missing. Ms Penny Farthing is currently logged as M.I.A and it is believed that the WRAITH organisation have her. Unable to handle Agent Black Fox it is believed that they took their revenge on her British Handler. This has now unleashed a war , Agent Black Fox has sworn to get her back and to kill every last member of the WRAITH Terrorist Cell.