Name - Penny Farthing

Code name - The Handler

Agency - British Secret Intelligence

Status- Missing in Action.


- Penny farthing is a ' Special Operatives Handler' from the British Secret Service. Her expertise lies in controlling dangerous and un co-operative assassins. She was issued to Agent Black Fox to try to control the 'wild-child' element of the Hitwoman Black Fox. Contract information - Miss Penny Farthing is the handler who was responsible for obtaining a 'license ' to allow 'One-Hit-Solutions Assassination Agency' to free Agent Black Fox for British Secret Service Works.

Relationship with Operative

- Agent Black Fox has a very aggressive and tenuous relationship with Miss farthing. Miss farthing can sometimes seems weak and 'dizzy'- but it is all part of the plan to control Agent Black Fox. Several missions have arisen where Agent Black Fox has had to rescue Penny from the hands of her victims. This push /pull relationship has resulted in Agent Black Fox in becoming 'more attached' to her handler. Current information - While in a research programme

Miss Penny Farthing was discovering important intel. about the W.R.A.I.T.H. Organisation. Suddenly she disappeared and is currently ranked as M.I.A. (Missing in Action) Further information - Olivia Omega has taken over the handling of Agent Black Fox.... Olivia Omega is using the W.R.A.I.T.H / Penny situation to power Agent Black Fox into a killing frenzy. The intention of the British Secret Service is to use Agent Black Fox in order to wipe out the W.R.A.I.T.H. Organisation.