Name - Olivia Omega

Code name - The Sentinel

Agency - British Secret Intelligence

The Sentinel - is classed to be the all knowing eye of the British Secret Service.

Current Active status - Olivia Omega is currently retired to desk-duties and handling offices, it is to be noted that if she wants to return to active duty she is able to engage in missions at her own decision. Currently her mission success rate as an active agent is 100%. The only British Agent to ever achieve this status.

Personal - Olivia Omega can seem placed and well tempered at time, this is due to her experience in the field however, she has a ruthless streak and unswerving temper. Once angered .... this woman is force majeure!

History - Olivia was an original member of the double 'O' espionage department. Her many successful Russian intel projects have now launched her to highest rank of Female Assassin Operative Handler, the title known as
' The Sentinel.'