One Hit Solutions - Private Assassination Paramilitary Firm
A free-lance private business which aids in the completion of lethal force contracts.

Established - 1980

Intel - One Hit Solutions is a worldwide organization that discovers and trains 'Black-Ops' free-lance contract killers.

The training - The organization prefers to discover 'broken/operatives - despaired/females.' Once one of these potential contract assassins has been found, the organization will spare nothing to obtain the right operative for their training program. Even if the potential operative appears to initially not be interested in the training program , One Hit Solutions will arrange potential situations to encourage the ' broken/emotional/female' to join the organization.

Evidence of arrangements - In the case of 'Lara Fox', She was a perfect potential candidate. Agent 36 approached Black Fox to enquire about her availability for the program. Lara Fox was currently serving in the British Army Special Forces and showed absolutely no desire to leave her unit. Agent 36 engineered the death of Lara Fox's husband, the death of her husband pushed Lara Fox's mind to break and she lost all ability to future plan, at this point she became a 'despaired female.' Lara Fox , through the organized death of her husband became the perfect candidate for our 'broken female' training program. Agent 36 was then able to convince her to join the organization and our female assassination program turned her into 'Agent Black Fox - Hitwoman - 0047.'