Organization -
One Hit Solutions Private Assassination Contract Agency

Record -
James has handled 6 of the 7 leading female assassins within O.H.S. Agency and was even once in charge of Olivia Omega before she was transferred to the British Secret intelligence Dept. James is an an ex-active operative himself with a vast experience in the field.

Visual confirmation - No one has ever seen James. There is no visual confirmation of him , he is just a voice that is there when it is needed. This gives the operative a feeling of security and keeps the operative feeling anonymous.

The Agent 36 situation-
Late in 2009 , Agent Black Fox found out that agent 036 was responsible for her husbands death. Agent 036 had wanted to recruit 'Lara Fox' into the agency but she was reluctant to join, so he engineered the death of her husband and used the grief to obtain control over Lara Fox - she was then to become Agent Black Fox. Once Agent Black Fox had found out this piece of Intel she went AWOL. Agent Black Fox went on a vengeance killing spree which resulted in Agent 036 being killed by his own creation.  James was the only person able to calm down Agent Black Fox and bring her back into our program.

Operative Status -
James has complete control over Agent Black Fox, but currently she is on loan to Olivia Omega in order to bring the W.R.A.I.T.H. terrorist organization to hand. James still watches over all of Black Fox's mission and always is there to assist or to lend a hand , even if they are now for the British Secret Service