Name -
Lara Fox

Code name -
Agent Black Fox

Military history -
Captain Lara Fox worked in the British Special Forces working with a covert Black Operational group called 'TEAM SIX'

Official Campaigns -
Bosnia , Iraq , Afghanistan

Unofficial Black Ops campaigns - North Korea , Somalia , Uganda , Iraq

Background information -
Lara Fox met her husband while rescuing UK residents being held by terrorists in Uganda. John Seeter was a United Nations aid worker and was part of an aid crew that were being held by a Ugandan Drug Lord during a humanitarian mission that had gone wrong. Captain Lara Fox was part of the relief team that freed the British Civilians. Captain Lara Fox left the Services to get married and settle down. her military career ended 2008

One Hit Solutions Background checks -
We became aware of miss Fox in 2009 when agent 036 brought us her file. His personal recommendation was given to this potential operative. The difficulty arose in the issue of her marriage and reluctance to return to active duty.

Case solutions -
Agent 036 took it upon himself to engage Lara Fox into our Female Assassin Programme. Agent 0036 orchestrated a traffic accident that resulted in the untimely death of John Seeter. Shortly after his death Agent 036 convinced Lara Fox to join the agency.

Training and production-
Lara Fox exceeded our training programme. In 2010, 6 months ahead of our scheduled Hitwoman profiling she was already in a position to be engaged in active duty. In all the years we have been training femme fatales , no one at One Hit Solutions has ever seen such an active female assassin as Lara Fox. It seems that she has poured her ' loss of her husband' into her targets and kills. Her pain has made her the most violent Assassin we have ever produced. Her charts are off the wall.

Codename reasoning -
due to her previous Black Ops training we have decided upon the code name Agent Black Fox , her code number is 047

Agency Concealment -
Late in 2010 Agent Black Fox found evidence that linked the Agency to the death of her husband. Agent Black Fox went A.W.O.L. For 2 months she engaged on a campaign of revenge that resulted in her killing agent 036. Agent Black Fox has proved that she is 'a loose cannon' and is constantly on the edge of receiving a 'termination' contract from the head of our head organisation.

Handling -
In early 2011 Agent Black Fox was brought under control and returned to the agency under the watchful eye of 'James.' Our chief operative handler - James has a secure and trusting truce with Agent Black Fox and since this time we have continued to work with our operative in many successful missions.

Mission Status - Agent Black Fox is currently active

Mission specifics -
Agent Black Fox is trained in all weapons applications - gun - knife - explosives - hand to hand - poison - gas - stealth - small arms - tactical

Mission Extras -
Agent Black Fox has an extraordinary beauty and sexual charisma. This beauty mixed with her uncontrollable passion for killing is the most lethal and toxic mix.

Final Notes -
Agent Black Fox is sometime hard to control, she is sometimes unorthodox , unruly and difficult. These aspects are what makes her the most powerful female assassin we have ever produced...However..! be aware that she is at breaking point and if she snaps, the vent of her anger could be returned to us. Only let James be her operative , he is the only person who can control her. Agent Black Fox is a 'force' to be respected and a person to be wary of.