THE BLACK COMMANDOS Creation intel -

The Black Commandos were created by the ' Black Widow.' They are her elite mercenary unit that protect her and work closely with her on all her missions.

Combat Abilities - The Black Commandos are better trained than the normal W.R.A.I.T.H. mercenary soldiers. They are more deadly, more highly armed, more skilled and are not easily beaten. They require a higher level of skill from our female assassins in order to gain an advantage.

Distinguishing Uniform - The Black Commandos gain their name because they were created by the BLACK Widow and not because of the black uniform they wear. However, they are easy to recognise as they wear all black uniform with the W.R.A.I.T.H. logo displayed on their chest.

Combat Evidence - So far they have launched several attacks on Agent Black Fox at the bequest of their leader the Black Widow. It seems that their aggression is mainly aimed at Agent Black Fox, this could be due to the fact that Agent Black Fox killed the Black Widows husband in a previous mission and it seems that the Black Widow is consumed with trying to kill off our most highly trained female assassin.